TargetSMS solutions overview
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TargetSMS solutions overview

Set up your own SMS service in less than 5 minutes!
On this page you can find all our SMS applications. No technical knowledge is required to use these plug-and-play solutions. You can have your own Premium SMS services up and running in less than 5 minutes!

However, if you want complete freedom and flexibility and have the technical skills,our gateway/API offers even more possibilities.

SMS Info SMS Subscription SMS & Win
SMS Info
Your customer texts a keyword to a shortcode and receives a standard chargeable reply.

SMS Subscription
Start up an SMS subscription service the easy way.

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SMS & Win
Start your own SMS & win campaign, and monitor it with our unique on-line management tool.

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SMS Mobile SMS Poll-Vote SMS-2-Mail
SMS Mobile
Set up your own mobile entertainment service. Ringtones, Realtones, Wallpapers, Java Games, etc.

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SMS Poll-Vote
Setup an SMS poll or voting campaign. View live statistics on TargetSMS. Also includes a plugin for real-time statistics on your own website.

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Forward all incoming text messages to an e-mailaddress.


SMS-2-Web SMS CallMe SMS Access
Forward all incoming text messages to a URL, e.g. SMS ticker or microblog

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SMS CallMe
Let your customers leave a message so you can call them back at any time.

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SMS Access
Let your visitors pay for visiting certain parts of your website.

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SMS Donate SMS Gateway Normal SMS
SMS Donate
Collect money by using SMS for charities or other non-profit projects/organizations.

Premium SMS Gateway
Enjoy the full strength of our Premium SMS platform by connecting directly to our gateway.

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Normal SMS
Send out SMS free-of-charge to the recipient, using our direct connections with all operators.

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