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The Netherlands


What does MO mean?
What does MT mean?
What is a shortcode?
What is Premium SMS?
What is Normal SMS?
What does double opt-in mean?

Creating an account at TargetSMS

Am I committed to anything?
What are the monthly costs?


How can I cancel subscription services?
Where can I find the Code of Conduct for all countries?


Are there some examples available in PHP?
Are there example scripts available in ASP?
Where can I find technical documentation?
What is the difference between keywords and sub-keywords?
How long does it take to activate a service?
How long can I use a keyword?
How many keywords can I register?
What are the costs of keywords and when will the payment take place?
How many jobs can I create within a service?
Can I edit jobs afterwards?
Why should I select a subaccount/layoutcode?
Why do I have to notify you before a keyword is published in a (news) paper/magazine?
Why can't I change the price of a service?
What should I do if I receive an error 'Your servers response is not 45000. Read the documentation or the FAQ for more info.'?
Can you send extra text along with an SMS message?
What is the best way to advertise my SMS service?


How long will it take to find the sales in the statistics?
How will I know if a message is received by a customer?
I have entered the wrong layout code by accident and now the payments are not showing on my account. Could you please adapt this, so the payments will be added?


What are the costs?
What are the costs of a keyword?
What are the payout rates?
How are the payments being processed
How does it work with Value Added Tax (VAT) ?
How will the costs for a unique keyword be charged?
Why can't I see the payments of this month?
Why do I only get paid about half the amount that is charged for an SMS message?
When do I get paid?

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