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SMS Subscription (Easy)

Set up a paid SMS subscription service the easy way! With this application our gateway will handle all signups and signoffs for you. All you have to do is to decide on the text message to send to your subscribers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis!

TargetSMS provides great management tools for monitoring changes in your memberlist, and allows you to preset texts weeks in advance.

SMS subscription Easy is typically used by and for:
  • Financial sites: Send out daily news about stocks, interest rates, etc.;

  • Charities: A great solution for charities who want to receive weekly/monthly donations;

  • Recruitment: Job seekers can sign up to receive relevant job opportunities when they arise and/or employers can be put into contact with suitable candidates;

  • Information services: E.g.: daily horoscope, traffic news, weather forecasts, etc.
Easy or advanced?
When you need to send different messages per member, our API ("Advanced") might offer a solution (see Gateway Subscription link) .

Getting started
Set up an SMS subscription service in less than 5 minutes. Click here...

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