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Introduction TargetSMS

TargetSMS is not only unique for its high payouts but also for the convenience of creating your own SMS services. Within TargetSMS we distinct two programms: Easy and Advanced.

TargetSMS Easy

As the name already tells you, the Easy services are the easiest in use. The complete service is handled within the TargetSMS systems itself. At the moment the following ready-to-use applications are available. Please click on the service for more information:

Incoming text messages will be sent to your E-mail immediately;

A script on your server will be called when a text message is sent;

SMS Callme
An incoming text message will be relayed to your cell phone immediately;

SMS & Win
Create your own SMS & Win application;

SMS Mobile
With this module you can offer ringtones or wallpapers via SMS;

Here you can set up a poll. An automatically update result list can be pushed to your site.

TargetSMS Advanced

If you want complete freedom for your SMS services, the Advanced programm is most suitable for you. Some technical knowledge is required. There are two variatons:
  • One time service
    An incoming text message will be pushed to your server. You decide what message will be sent back against which price;

  • Subscription service
    TargetSMS takes care of all opt-ins and opt-outs. You can put jobs on the server with the message which will be sent to all members.

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