SMS Site access

With our SMS Site Access application you can make certain parts of your website restricted to paying visitors.

In order to gain access to (parts of) the website, your customer needs to send a text message to the shortcode. In reply, your customer will receive a text message containing an access code. Your website can check validity of this access code by calling a URL on the TargetSMS server.

Site access comes in 2 versions, recurring and non-recurring:

Non-recurring SMS access: Non-recurring / One-off service
Your visitor pays a certain amount once by sending a text message, to get access for a certain time.
This is also a great solution when you want to charge customers for signing up.

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SMS Access recurring Recurring / Subscription service:
Your visitor periodically (daily, weekly, monthly) pays a certain amount to access (parts of) your website, but only needs to sign up once. The customer will have access for as long as he or she is a member of the SMS service, but can ofcourse easily opt out of the service.

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